Big or small, deliver lush green plants to friends and family with endless smiles for months to come. Beautifully housed in unique vases or containers, plants are well known to bring energy and vibrancy into any home or office.

Anthurium Plant
The striking Anthurium is always one of the favorite.The wide, open leaves and petals give an exotic..
Green Plants Basket
Can't decide which plant to send? Let our Experts florists design something special with their mos..
Green Thoughts
Whether at the office or in their home, our Green Thoughts, filled with an artful display of assorte..
Holiday Poinsettia
The traditional red poinsettia is almost synonymous with Christmas itself. With its bold red blooms ..
Holly Season
Santa Claus is coming to your home! The red poinsettia is one of the most traditional symbols of the..
Its Christmas
A traditional, conventional holiday choice, our poinsettia plant brings the magnificence of the seas..
Phalaenopsis Orchid
A lovely lavender orchid is the perfect choice to send for any occasion. So send it, and you'll real..
Twin Orchids
An elegant twin stem Phalaenopsis Orchid. This stylish plant, originating in South East Asia, displa..
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